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Biogreen Garlic

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Biogreen Garlic

Prevent & treat insects and fungi with 100% organic Biogreen Garlic.

It prevents fungi, mold, mildew, snails, nematodes, beetles, mites, louse, whitefly, thrips, mites & other insects.

The formula is based on fermented raw garlic & ginger. Once absorbed by plants, it makes them less attractive to Thrips & other insects.

On top of this, it reduces mould problems.

  • Preventative & treatment
  • Repels insects
  • Prevents pathogenic fungi (e.g. mould & mildew)
  • Generally strengthens plants
  • 100% organic and biological
  • Can be used with other pesticides (not hydrogen peroxide products)
  • Highly concentrated (low dilution)
  • Safe for humans + animals + nature (no residue)


How It Works

Fresh cut, fermented garlic bulbs and ginger are left in tanks without oxygen for several months. The lack of oxygen prevents quality damage caused by oxidation. As a result, the content of the active ingredients is higher.

​The main bio-active component extracted from the garlic is Allicin, a compound of organic sulphur. It has a strong antioxidant effect.

Allicin is the first line of defence against insects and different fungi. It works preventively against various pathogenic fungi such as mold, mildew, nematodes, snails, beetles and insects such as mites, louse, whitefly and mites.

Biogreen Garlic is highly concentrated, containing on average 15000-28000 ppm of Allicin.

In addition, Biogreen Garlic has a general effect of strengthening the plant.

The active components are completely absorbed by plants. No residue is left behind, making Biogreen Garlic safe for humans, pets & nature.

How To Use

NOTE: Do not use Biogreen Garlic with hydrogen peroxide products. Store in a dark, frost-free place. Best before: 2 months after opening the bottle.

Prevention: Repel Bugs & Fungi

  • Add 1ml/L to your nutrient solution
  • Repeat with every time you water from veg - end of cycle

Foliar: Treat Powdery Mildew & Fungi Problems

  • Foliar spray infected plants at 50ml/L
  • Cover tops & bottoms of infected leaves
  • Repeat after 2-3 days

Shock Treatment: Treat Bug Infestations

  • Add 4ml/L to your nutrient solution
  • Place a fresh crop of lettuce near infected plants when you water
  • Next Day, wrap a bag around any crops of lettuce and dispose of responsibly
  • Repeat 3/4days later

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