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Spray2Grow Thrips

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From £39.99


Spray2Grow Thrips is a completely natural product, specifically formulated to tackle Thrips. It provides full protection against the pest, quickly and effectively treats infestations and also helps plants make a full recovery after an attack.

A combination of various organic extracts underpins Spray2Grow Thrips, keeping chemicals out of the equation for a clean crop. The biostimulant incorporated into the solution delivers an extra boost – even during bug-free times – and you’ll soon see noticeable improvements to your grow thanks to the foliar application method. As a result, you can expect greener, healthier, happier-looking plants that move further towards reaching their full potential.

When diluted at the recommended 50ml per Litre, a 500ml bottle of Spray2Grow Thrips makes up 10 Litres of spray solution.

  • Offers natural protection and treatment for thrips, whatever their stage of development
  • Contains various organic extracts
  • Safe to use throughout the entire plant life cycle
  • Quick and simple foliar application
  • Speeds up recovery after thrip infestations
  • Recommended as a preventative measure
  • Boosts overall health thanks to the incorporated biostimulant
  • Dilute at 50ml per Litre – 500ml makes up 10 Litres of spray

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