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Hotbox Sulfume

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Stop the spread of fungal diseases and treat pest infestations with sulphur vapour. All you need is a HotBox Sulfume.

It’s incredibly effective. Customers use it to combat spider mites, botrytis, mildew, black spots, fungus & more! It’s one of the best ways to tackle spider mites and stops fungal spores from spreading.

Instead of burning it, your HotBox Sulfume vapourises sulphur at just the right temperature (145oC – 155oC)

There’s no risk of overheating and no chance of fire, thanks to HotBox’s unique temperature control technology. Absolutely no nasty chemicals are released into your grow room either.

You can safely use it mid-crop (not in the last two weeks). It won’t harm your plants – just the insects ravaging them.

Use it to treat existing problems or prevent future problems. The HotBox Sulfume is great for both.

Coverage is very even. Each unit will treat a 2m3 - 10m3 area, so multiples may be needed. No sulphur is supplied with this unit – don’t forget to buy yours separately.

No Overheating, No Risk of fires, No Nasty Chemicals (automatic temperature control)
Safe to use with plants in grow room (not in last 2 weeks)
• Treats areas between 2m3 and 10m3 
• Used to combat spidermites, botrytis, mildew, black spots, fugus and more!
• Very effective against spider mites
Stops fungal spores spreading
• Low energy use - cheap to run
Even coverage thanks to uniform cup used
• HotBox only - Buy sulphur separately
• Made in stainless steel
Unaffected by voltage variations
• Can be used on any voltage worldwide: 100, 110, 220, 240, 250V

IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot send/supply sulphur to any UK offshore destination including Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Scottish Islands (Western Isles, Orkney, Shetland, etc) Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Channel Isles. This is due to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code.

No harmful chemicals, no fires, no overheating

To prevent overheating, stop fires, and to make sure no oxides of sulphur are produced, your HotBox has automatic temperature control.
Sulphur is vapourised at 145oC – 155oC.

• After sulphur has melted at 119oC
• Before the thickness changes and it turns red and brown at 159oC
• Before it ignites at 188oC

Disease as the fungal spores cannot spread in the sulphurous atmosphere. Other greenhouse pests such as the Spider Mite can also be controlled by vapourising sulphur.


By using a uniform shaped cup, placed in the centre of the Sulfume cylinder, distribution is incredibly even. One Sulfume is capable of treating 2m3 - 10m3. Multiples may be needed, depending on the crop and severity of the problem.

Low Power Use

After an initial surge (lasting less than 1 second), your HotBox operates at 100W until it reaches the right temperature. It then drops to under 50W to maintain the temperature. You can save tons of money.

Kit Contains:

• 1 x Hotbox Heater
• 1x Cup

Note: Granulated Sulphur is sold separately

Recommended extras:

• 2kg Granulated Sulphur
• 8kg Hanging Chain (per metre
• ‘S’ Hook
• 10kg Ceiling Hook Plate (each)

Each HotBox will treat areas between 2m3 and 10m3.

No sulphur is supplied with this unit – don’t forget to buy yours separately. A 2kg bag of sulphur should last around 1 year.

After 2 weeks of use, the HotBox should have eliminated pests such as Spider Mites.

1. Select a suitable location for your Hotbox.
2. Set it up as high as possible
3. Fill up the cup to the level indicator line inside it - this will allow the HotBox to run for around 150 hours
4. Hang the HotBox heater from your ceiling using a chain
5. Place the cup on the HotBox heating plate
6. Plug the device into a timer and set your run times
7. You are ready to begin using your HotBox.

Running times:

You should run your HotBox every other night for 2 weeks:

Night 1: 6 – 8 hours
Night 2: 2 hours
Night 3: 6 – 8 hours
Night 4: 0 hours
Night 5: 2 hours (most infestations) 6 – 8 hours (serious infestations)
Night 6: 0 hours
Night 7: 2 hours
Night 8:
0 hours
Night 9:
2 hours
Night 10:
0 hours
Night 11:
2 hours
Night 12:
0 hours
Night 13:
2 hours
Nights 14: 0 hours


• Do not use during the last 2 weeks of harvest/fruiting otherwise your plants may be damaged.

• The HotBox releases an “egg-like” smell that’s not harmful but can be irritating. Make sure your grow room is properly sealed so that the smell cannot travel elsewhere.

• Following excessive use, a crystal-like discharge will normally form above the Hotbox. Simply use a vacuum cleaner or dustpan and brush to clean this.

• Never run the HotBox when the cup is empty

• Turn lights, extraction fans and input fans off before and during use

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