Guard 'n' Aid Thrip - 250mls

Guard 'n' Aid Thrip - 250mls

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Guard 'n' Aid Thrip - 250mls

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Kill Thrips (adults, eggs & larvae) with Guard 'n' Aid Thrips.

It's Pyrethrun based so is safe on edible pants. It works indoors and outdoors, even on hard surfaces.

You'll get  22 x 750ml sprays out of this when diluted at 15ml/L. 


  • Kills thrips at larval, adult and egg stage
  • Pyrethrum based
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Also effective on hard surfaces
  • 15ml/L (use no more than 20ml/L)
  • Safe for use on edible and non-edible crops

What's Pyrethrum?

It's an oil based insecticide derived from Chrysanthemum flowers. It kills insects by shutting down respiratory organs and nerves, on indoor ad outdoor plants.

How to apply

  • Spray onto plants just before or just after lights go off 
  • Cover leaves on both sides thoroughly - make sure any Thrips sites are completely wet
  • Avoid wetting open flowers
  • Use within 6 hours of diluting
  • Repeat after 14 days to maintain control

Dilution rate
15ml/L (go no higher than 20ml/L)

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