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GnatNix - 9L

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Fight fungus gnats without using chemicals or pesticides - GnatNix is here.

It's 100% recycled glass that acts as a physical barrier to fungus gnats and creates dry, inhospitable conditions for eggs

Apply it as a top dressing to interrupt the fungus gnats lifecycle.  It traps live larva, discourages females from laying larvae and prevent adults emerging from larvae.

A  ½” – ¾” thick layer of GnatNix really reduces gnat population and plant damage. 

Remember, it's completely chemical-free and non-toxic. You can use it in dry or moist conditions


  • 100% recycled glass 
  • Physical barrier to fungus gnats
  • Stops adults emerging from larvae
  • Traps larvae so that they can't damage plants and eventually die 
  • Discourages females from laying eggs
  • Reduces egg survivial rate (dry, inhospitable conditions)
  • Significantly lowers fungus gnat population
  • Effective in dry and moist conditions
  • Non-toxic with no pesticides or chemicals!

How to Use

  • Cover your media surface with a  ½” – ¾” thick layer of GnatNix
  • Keep the surface of media containers covered at all times

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