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Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk

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Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk - 950ml Code: 4103
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Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk - 3.79 Litre Code: 4104
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Strengthen plants and support growth with Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk. 

It's a potassium silicate supplement that thickens cell walls.

Dose with this to get sturdier, thicker plants. Ones that can support a heavy yield without bending and withstand stress.

As an added boost, Sturdy Stalk contains potassium - one of the primary macronutrients in flowering.

In the USA they're mad about it. 

  • Fortifies plant structure (stems, leaves, branches)
  • Increases pest & disease resistance
  • Plants support a bigger yield
  • Boosts heat, humidity & stress resistance
  • Prevents wind damage
  • Helps stop leaves drying out
  • Increases photosynthesis 

How It Works

The main ingredient is silica - it cements the brick-like components of cell walls.

All areas of your plant become thicker & stronger, including roots, leaves, stems and branches.

With a stronger structure, plants are more stable. They can support a heavier yield and are less likely to be wind damaged

On top fo this, plants develop a strong outer coating. One that pests & diseases find tough to penetrate. Plants can even send a fresh supply of silicone to areas under attack. 

With thicker, stronger leaves, plants can absorb more light to increase photosynthesis. With the added potassium in Sturdy Stalk, photosynthesis is enhanced further. 

Plants also lose less water through leaves. This helps plants cope with tough climates (e.g. high heat, high humidity, lack of water).

This means plants are also able to focus more energy on bulking up. 

How To Use

Use at 1.25ml/L, as needed.

Note: Sturdy Stalk may react with other nutrients and boosters. So you should always use it alone, on water-only days. If this isn’t possible, add it first to your feed, mix very well, then add the rest of your nutrients and use immediately. You definitely will need to use them on the same day. 

Caution: do not aerate or use in any bubblers

Emerald Harvest Feed Chart
  Cali Pro - Grow A  Cali Pro -Grow B  Cali Pro -Bloom A Cali Pro -Bloom B Emerald Goddess  King Kola Honey Chrome Root Wizard
Cuttings / Seedlings   0.5ml  0.5ml  - - - -
Transplanting 0.75ml  0.75ml  -  -  -  -  -
Early Veg 1ml 1ml  - 1.5ml   - 1ml 3.75ml 
Late Veg  1.25ml 1.25ml  - 1.5ml    - 1ml
Transition  1.25ml  1.25ml  1.5ml  1ml  1ml  -
Flowering (Week 2)  -  -  1.25ml  1.25ml  2ml 2ml  2ml 3.75ml 
Flowering (Week 3)  -  -  1.25ml  1.25ml  2ml 2ml  2ml
Flowering (Week 4)  -  -  1.5ml  1.5ml  2.5ml 3ml  2ml
Flowering (Week 5)  -  -  1.5ml  1.5ml  2.5ml 3ml  2ml
Flowering (Week 6)  -  - 1.5ml 1.5ml  2.5ml 2ml 2ml 
Flowering (Week 7)  -  - 1.5ml 1.5ml  2.5ml 2ml 2ml 
(Week 8)
 -  - 1.5ml 1.5ml  1.25ml 1ml 1.5ml  -  
(Week 9)
 -  -  0.25ml  0.25ml  -  - 1.5ml

Mixing Liquid Silicon

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