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Tropic Bat Mix

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Tropic Bat Mix - 50 Litres Code: 2347
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Soil grower? Push growth, intensify taste & drive rooting with Tropic Bat Mix.

It’s Tropic Mix that’s been fertilised with Bat Guano - one of the best sources of phosphorus there is.

You’ll get super strong roots and bigger fruit & flowers, thanks to all the phosphorus. You can expect fruit and flowers to taste nicer too.

The media is itself is 40% coco (airy for strong roots) and 60% peat (holds lots of water). There’s no perlite (easy to dispose of) and no woody bits (avoid fungus gnats)!

You don’t need to worry about pH…the peat's been treated with lime to get a pH of 6.5 (ideal). To further balance your pH Tropic Bat Mix contains an actual magnesium limestone!

To prevent deficiencies & enhance nutrient uptake, Tropic Bat Mix contains calcium & magnesium!

Since minerals are released very slowly, so you won’t burn roots. Better yet, calcium and magnesium is still available to plants for 9 months!

60% fine grade Irish peat (holds a lot of water)
40% high quality coco (light & airy for rapid rooting)
• Fertilised with Guanokalong Bat Guano (bat manure)
Packed with phosphorus
Ramps up rooting
Enhances flower formation
Highly refined with stable pH (peat is pH 6 + contains magnesium limestone)
• Helps prevent deficiencies & improve nutrient uptake (contains Ca & Mg)
No perlite (easy to dispose of) or woody bits (avoid fungus gnats)
• Cuttings can be transplanted straight into the media
• For first 2 weeks feed just add water

What makes Tropic products truly great potting mixes? Find out in this useful article written by the experts!

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