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British Organic Bio Try It Box

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From £60.00


Do you like a good preview? This teaser of a Try It Box comes with the four essential products from the premium British Organic Bio range, giving you an excellent opportunity to explore the benefits of growing 100% naturally – including improved crop quality (taste, aroma, etc) and reduced impact on the environment. You receive a 500ml bottle of Carbon Base, Fish Base, Organic Microbes and Organic Boost, which is more than enough to see some seriously positive returns! We recommend that you combine the Try It Box with the B.O.B Organic All-Mix for an unrivalled growing experience.

  • Concentrated, organic & easy-to-use nutrients and additives
  • Designed to feed the soil to feed your plants
  • Take crop from start to finish with the contents of this kit
  • Spurs on plant growth and boosts overall health
  • Fits in with the natural approach to growing (no chemical pesticides, more healthy, etc)
  • Great mix of items - including unique feeds, a microbes additive and a bloom booster
  • All developed and bottled in the UK - eliminating import costs to allow for lower prices
  • Intensifies flavours and improves the appearance of fruits
  • Encourages plants to maximise the yields that are possible with organics
  • Combine with B.O.B Organic All-Mix for an unrivalled growing experience

Why Grow Organically?

The beauty of organics is that the plant works with the soil and the microherd to create a perfect relationship, which encourages the optimum uptake of nutrients. Compared with some other forms of growing and fertilisation, the natural approach allows the plant to express its true genetic potential – so it will take what it wants and grow according to its genetics, rather than being steered to certain traits by selective use of feed and additives. This is particularly appealing for heritage varieties, where you don’t want to alter taste or appearance too much and want to stay true to the properties of the plant.


What Do You Get in The Box?

The Try It Box contains the four foundation products of the British Organic Bio range. Fish Base and Carbon Base supply your plants with all of the major nutritional elements required for growth throughout a cycle, Organic Microbes unleashes beneficial bacteria to aid uptake, and Organic Boost improves the process of photosynthesis to create more sugar.



Fish Base - 500ml

Using sustainably sourced fish biomass, British Organic Bio Fish Base is a perfectly balanced organic feed that stimulates growth, providing an elemental base that plants require for fast and healthy development. Interestingly, this unique and rich source of nutrition contains bioactive compounds such as amino acids, which aid all kinds of key functions – including photosynthesis! Combined with Carbon Base, it creates a complimentary bond that steers your plant through the entire lifecycle, you just tweak the ratios along the way! Dilution rate: 0.5-3ml per Litre (refer to B.O.B feed chart for full dosage guidance).

Carbon Base - 500ml

British Organic Bio Carbon Base provides a fantastic source of food for your plants and the all-important beneficial organisms found within the growing media – which are vital to root health and nutrient uptake. As the name implies it contains a lot of carbon compounds, required by the microherd to expand their population and colonise your soil. When used alongside Fish Base, the product pushes your plants to perform at their best, during every stage of development. Dilution rate: 0.5-4ml per Litre (refer to B.O.B feed chart for full dosage guidance).


Organic Microbes - 500ml

The legion of beneficial bacteria provided by British Organic Bio Organic Microbes helps plants break down long and complex nutrient molecules in your growing media, improving uptake and overall growth. They will also provide protection against environmental stresses such as heat, cold, overwatering and more, plus attacks from pests and pathogens. The high concentration, wide range of species and strains, and UK-based fermentation process ensures that the maximum amount of active microbes are delivered to the root zone. Dilution rate: 0.25-3ml per Litre (refer to B.O.B feed chart for full dosage guidance).


Organic Boost - 500ml

British Organic Bio Organic Boost is the only fully organic triacontanol boost on the market! Undoubtedly a very powerful product, it will actively work to drive the flowering process and increase the rate of photosynthesis. Made using natural extract of beeswax, the triacontanol found onboard is hugely important to the creation of big, bushy plants with lots of flowering sites. Ultimately, you get much more flavoursome and attractive fruits as well as the maximum yield taking into account what can be squeezed out of organic crops! Dilution rate: 0.5-1ml per Litre (refer to B.O.B feed chart for full dosage guidance).

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