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VitaLink Fulvic

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VitaLink Fulvic

For faster growth & bigger yields, power your plants with VitaLink Fulvic!

It’s pure fulvic acid, which aids nutrient uptake & transportation. Use it to boost growth at all stages – as a foliar spray or as a root feed!

It gets to work straight away, it’s quickly absorbed by your plants.

Since it boosts nutrient uptake, you can use it to maximise other nutrients & additives.

What are you waiting for? Get ready for a great harvest & unlock the power of fulvic acid today.

Drive nutrient uptake & transportation
• Fuel rooting, flowering & growth
• Fast acting – quickly absorbed by your plant.
• Use as a foliar spray (10ml/L) or root feed (2ml/L)
• Maximise results from other nutrients & additives
• Tried, tested, consistent product – it’s pure fulvic acid

What’s Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is a natural humate found in soils.

It’s been proven to aid nutrient uptake and improve the transportation of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and hormones around your plant.

Aid nutrient uptake

Some elements are harder for your plant to absorb than others.

Fulvic acid has a chelating ability, which improves nutrient uptake.

Use VitaLink Fulvic alongside your base feed, and you’ll improve its effectiveness.

Improve nutrient transportation

Fulvic acid is known for improving the translocation of nutrients around your plants.

What that means, is that more key nutrients get where they need to be sooner for optimum growth.

Overall, you’ll get stronger, faster growing plants with healthier roots and bigger yields.


As a foliar spray

Dilution rate: 10ml per Litre

• Apply it to the tops and undersides of your leaves

As a root feed

Dilution rate: 2ml/Litre and mix well.

• Make up your nutrient solution as normal, then add fulvic acid
• Never mix it with other nutrients in concentrated form – always add each one to your reservoir separately.

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