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VitaLink Chill

VitaLink Chill

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Harden plants to heat with VitaLink Chill.

It’s a clever biostimulant, developed for industrial greenhouses in the Middle East!

Use VitaLink Chill throughout your grow to build levels of key nutrients needed to tolerate higher levels of heat. Your plants will survive AND thrive in hotter conditions – even when the temperature climbs past 30oC.

During the summer it’s a must! You can safely use it alongside your base feed.

Tried, tested biostimulant
Reduces heat stress
• Helps prevent flower abortion
• Produces more growth hormone
Allows side shoots to grow on
• Consistent product
• During summer it’s a must!
• Designed for industrial greenhouses in the Middle East
• For hydro, soil and coco
• Use throughout your grow
• Dilution rate: 0.3 – 0.5ml per Litre

The Tech

The ideal grow room temperature is:

• 24oC and 28oC (during the day/lights on)
• 22oC and 23oC (during the night/lights off)

During summer months it can be tough to stay inside these ranges.

VitaLink Chill has a unique formula that stimulates specific hormones known to strengthen your plants' defences:

• Nitrogen 2%
• Sulphur 5%
• Carbon 1.25%
• Copper 0.05%
• Manganese 0.1%
• Magnesium 0.3%
• Boron 0.15%
• Iron 0.2%
• Zinc 0.5%
• Ascophyllum extract (sympathetically extracted to preserve hormones) 5%
• Also contains gibberelins and auxins, betaines, amino acids and vitamin B1.

It's no good using VitaLink Chill mid-grow to try and treat heat problems. Instead, you need to use it throughout you grow to build up levels of key nutrients needed to prevent heat problems.  

How to Use

 Use VitaLink Chill throughout you grow to build up levels of key nutrients needed to resist heat problems

Adding to Base Feed:
• Dilution rate: 0.3-0.5ml/1L

Foliar Application:
• Dilution rate: 5ml/1L
• Apply as a light foliar spray each week. Make sure you don’t spray to run-off

• Do not use with VitaLink Heat
• Do not use mid-grow to treat heat problems - that's not what the product's for. You need to use it throughout your grow

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

Can this be use with canna coco nutrients?
You can use Vita Link Chill alongside Canna Coco, it needs to be used throughout your grow to be effective.

Written by MR | 18 Apr 2016