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VitaLink Coir MAX Nutrients

VitaLink Coir MAX Nutrients

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VitaLink Coir MAX SW - 2 Litre (1L A + 1L B)

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VitaLink Coir MAX SW - 10 Litre (5L A + 5L B)

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VitaLink Coir MAX HW - 2 Litre (1L A + 1L B)

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VitaLink Coir MAX HW - 10 Litre (5L A + 5L B)

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VitaLink produce some of the most refined and high quality plant nutrients available and this specific coco formulation is no exception. It provides you with an easy to use and mightily effective base feed, delivering the optimum mixture of growth enhancing ingredients whilst also taking full advantage of the natural properties of coco as a growing medium. Suitable for all major brands of Coco Peat, Coir MAX is sure to impress every coco grower out there.

Available in both hard water (HW) and soft water (SW) formulations, you use the same feed in varying amounts all the way through the vegetative growth and flowering stages (for cuttings and seedlings, we recommend the "baby feed" VitaLink Plant Start).

Dilution rate: 1-2ml per litre for young plants and 3-4ml per litre for mature plants.

- Advanced coir nutrient in an easy-to-use A/B formulation

- Includes added EDDHA to increase iron availability

- Integrated fulvic acid aids nutrient uptake

- Available in both hard and soft water formulations

Q & A

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Hello, Can you tell me the NPK ratio on the grow and also the bloom on this Coir feed, Thanks,
The Vita Link Coir Grow has an NPK of 2.6/1/1.5, the Vita Link Coir Bloom has an NPK of 2.5/2/2.3

Written by Mike | 26 Aug 2013

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