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Gold Label Coco Nutrient

Gold Label Coco Nutrient

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Gold Label Coco Nutrient - 2 Litre (1L A + 1L B)

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Gold Label Coco Nutrient - 10 Litre (5L A + 5L B)

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For plants that thrive in coco, grab Gold Label Coco A + B.

It's a 2 part mineral base NPK feed made to complement coco.

To counter coco's calcium draw, it's got added calcium.

Plants absorb micro-elements quickly, across a wide pH - they're chelated.

  • Coco base mineral feed 
  • NK 4-2 (+5 CaO for cocol)
  • Excellent value - 0.5 - 3ml/L

Dilution Rate

Flowering & Vegetative Growth
0.5 -3ml/L

Nutrient Profile (A + B)

  • Total Nitrogen (N): 6%
  • Phosphate P (P2O5): 2%
  • Potassium K (K2O): 8%
  • Calcium (Ca): 5%
  • Magnesium (Mg): 2%

How to Use

Use throughout vegetative growth and flowering. 

Shake well before use.

Never combine parts A + B in concentrated form - always add each part one to water separately, mixing in between.


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