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General Hydroponics Flora Nutrients

General Hydroponics Flora Nutrients

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Flora Gro 1 Litre

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Flora Bloom 1 Litre

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Flora Micro 1 Litre (soft water)

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Flora Micro 1 Litre (hard water)

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Flora Gro 5 Litre

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Flora Bloom 5 Litre

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Flora Micro 5 Litre (soft water)

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Flora Micro 5 Litre (hard water)

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Want to push plant growth? Then micro-manage your feed … there’s only one nutrient for it – GHE Flora Nutrients.

You get 3 parts to your feed (FloraGro + FloraBloom + FloraMicro) – use them at different ratios for different plants, during different stages of growth (mixing rates provided).

You can tweak, fine-tune and perfect your formula to give plants the right nutrients, at the right time, in the right amounts…you won’t get this kind of precision with any other feed.

To boost nutrient uptake, Flora’s highly soluble and made with purified mineral salts. To strengthen plants, FloraGro and FloraBloom both contain silic acid.

This genius feed was developed by a former NASA senior chemist, Dr Cal Herrmann and scientists from the University of Davis.There’s absolutely nothing else like it on the market. Use it wisely to get staggering results!

Absolute control! Micro-manage your feed
3 part feed (FloraGro + FloraBloom + FloraMicro)
• Completely unique – there’s nothing else like it
• Adapt your formula to suit your plants and stage of growth
Boost nutrient uptake (highly soluble, made with purified mineral salts)
Strengthen plants (FloraGro and FloraBloom both contain silic acid)
• Developed by former NASA senior chemist & scientists from the University of Davis.

 FloraGro NPK ratio: 2:1:7/ FloraBloom NPK ratio: 0:5:4 / FloraMicro NPK ratio: 4:0:1

FloraGro - 2.5ml (cuttings/seedlings), 7ml (vegetative) and 5-15ml (flowering)
FloraBloom - 2.5ml (cuttings/seedlings), 7ml (vegetative) and 5-15ml (flowering)
FloraMicro - 2.5ml (cuttings/seedlings), 7ml (vegetative) and 10ml (flowering)

The Science

Plants need different nutrients during different stages of growth.

That’s why most hydroponic nutrients have one formula for vegging (more nitrogen), and another for flowering (more potassium and phosphorus).

GHE Flora Nutrients goes one step further.

A former NASA senior chemist, Dr Cal Herrmann, collaborated with scientists from the University of Davis in California to develop a unique 3 part formula.

Promotes lush structural and foliar growth (vegging)

FloraBloom :
Increases root formation and health (vegging) + encourages maximum growth (flowering)

FloraGro and FloraBloom both contain silicate (in the form of silicic acid) to strengthen the structure of your plants

Provides plants with chelated micro-elements, sub micro-elements, and organic buffers to stabilise the solution’s pH…it complements FloraGro and FloraBloom perfectly.

You use all parts throughout your growing cycle – just changing the amount of each one you use to suit your stage of growth and plant.

This gives you much more control over what nutrients plants get, and when they get them. It’s pure genius.

See ‘Downloads’ for guidance on mixing rates

How to Use

The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per 10 litres of water):

FloraGro - 2.5ml (cuttings/seedlings), 7ml (vegetative) and 5-15ml (flowering)
FloraBloom - 2.5ml (cuttings/seedlings), 7ml (vegetative) and 5-15ml (flowering)
FloraMicro - 2.5ml (cuttings/seedlings), 7ml (vegetative) and 10ml (flowering)

For a more detailed mixing chart, see the 'Downloads' tab.


Q & A

Questions and Answers (4)

If i was to get larger quantities of flora micro, grow , bloom... what is the shelf life of each if any please. I always buy the 1 litre of each and it is the best but would be bettter to buy more each time convenience wise, thank you.
As long as these nutrients are kept in a dark place at around room temperature, they will last for around 12 months.

Written by JM | 9 Jan 2013

HI can the General Hydroponics Nutrients be used in outdoor soil planting? thanks!
The GHE Flora series can be used in soil outdoors, but it is not an organic based feed.

Written by LC | 3 Sep 2012

Hello. I'm growing tomatoes and peppers in canna coco and using flora series. Does the 3/2/1 in grow and 1/2/3/ bloom ratios work with tomatoes too? And what is the ideal pH for these crops?? Thanks.
Hi, this ratio should work well, we would recommend targeting a pH range of 5.5-6.4, with a cF of 22-30, but good results can be achieved up to a cF of 40.

Written by GW | 26 Apr 2012

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