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Chilli Focus

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Chilli Focus - 1 Litre

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If you're growing chilli plants, here's a product well worth checking out! With its unique formulation of minerals, Chilli Focus completely fulfills the very specific feeding requirements of this species to aid more vigorous growth and superior produce. Unlike most alternatives, Chilli Focus contains no urea - which can otherwise be detrimental for chillies - and has developed from commercial growing practices. Use as the main feed from the seedling stage onwards. 

The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

Cutting/Seedling - 5mls

Vegetative Stage - 5mls

Flowering Stage - 10mls



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hi, I have been growing chillies in a custom drip system, using ionic grow n bloom nutrients and vitalink buddy flowering booster. I have had good results but I want to know if my plants would benefit from using the chilli focus nutrient instead? is it suitable for use in a hydro system? what would you recommend for my setup? there Dorset Naga's thanks
The Chilli Focus will work well with your plants, it is the only nutrient we supply that specifically formulated for chillis, & is fine in a hydro system. I would also use Vita Link Fulvic from when your plants are in vegetative growth, & Vita Link Buddy alongside it during flowering.

Written by Chris | 17 Jul 2013