Canna Coco Professional Nutrients

Canna Coco Professional Nutrients

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Canna Coco Professional Nutrient - 2 Litres (1L A + 1L B)

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Canna Coco Professional Nutrient - 10 Litres (5L A + 5L B)

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Canna Coco Professional Nutrient - 20 Litres (10L A + 10L B)

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Growing in coco? Find out why growers rave about Canna Coco.

It was the first EVER coco feed sold in the UK – years later it’s still going on strong.

It’s packed with everything your plants need to thrive in coco.

Expect a boost in nutrient uptake, thanks to all the chelates, humic and fulvic acids found in each bottle.

You can safely use it with hard water and soft water, thanks to the universal formulation – you can’t go wrong!

First UK coco specific feed (NPK: 5/4/3)
Based on years’ of research
Tried, tested, trusted brand
Boost nutrient uptake (contains chelates, humic & fulvic acids)
• Mix with both hard and soft water (universal formulation)
Use it throughout the whole growing cycle
• 2 part A/B formulation
• Manufacturer dilution rate: 2ml (propagation), 2 - 3ml (vegging) & 3 - 4ml (flowering)

The Science

Coco is a unique growing medium, it tends to release potassium but absorb calcium and nitrogen. With the wrong feed, this can sometimes lead to deficiencies.

Canna Coco Nutrient is tailored specifically to complement the specific properties of coco. It has everything your plants need to thrive in coco. To boost nutrient uptake in coco, it contains natural fulvic, humic acids and chelates . 

Q & A

Questions and Answers (3)

Hi, can you use Canna coco A & B nutrients in a DWC set up?
We would not recommend using Coco specific nutrients in a DWC, or any other hydroponic system. You will get a much better result if you use a specifically formulated hydroponic nutrient in your DWC system. I would recommend using the Vita Link Max range.

Written by MN | 14 Jan 2014

Hi. Can you use Canno Coco nutrients with RO water without additives?
The Canna Coco nutrients will work with RO water, you would still need to adjust the pH of your solution.

Written by monkfish | 29 Feb 2012

hi i was wondering if it were possible to use a Wilma system with coco and would it be better to use a coco clay pebble mix and what sort of watering intervals would i be looking at using a 400w Grolux in well kept conditions.
We would recommend using 100% coco rather than a coco/pebble mix in the Wilma, & set the watering to 15 minutes every 4 hours initially.

Written by jc | 31 Aug 2011