New Millenium Winter Frost + Ruby Ful#$% (Fulvic)

New Millenium Winter Frost + Ruby Ful#$% (Fulvic)

Regular Price: £74.90

Special Price £59.95


Regular Price: £74.90

Special Price £59.95

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SAVE up to 19% with this brilliant bundle. You get:

1 x Winter Frost
1 x Ruby Fulvic

Both products really bulk up your bloom. Used together you’ll get incredible results.

New Millenium Ruby Ful#$% (Fulvic)

Contains 9 sources of fulvic acid!

Fulvic acid is an excellent chelate! It binds to elements so that plants can uptake them. Once inside your plant they’re transported to where they’re needed sooner.

  • Increase nutrient uptake & translocation
  • Maximise boosters & additives
  • You get faster growing, bigger yielding plants
  • Dilute at 1.25ml /2.5L

New Millenium Winter Frost

Final flowering booster that restarts ripening after plants have already reached their peak.

To work, it creates a natural winter effect, where plants start bulking out fruit, ready for reproduction and defend against frost.

  • Enhances essential oil, terpene & flavonoid production
  • Purple, red & burgundy colour shifts (winter effect)
  • NPK: 0.2 – 2.2 – 2.3
  • Dilution: 2 – 3ml/L

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