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VitaLink Foliar

VitaLink Foliar

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VitaLink Foliar - 250mls

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VitaLink Foliar - 1 Litre

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VitaLink Foliar increases plant sugar levels to improve overall fruiting and flowering performance, resulting in much sweeter tasting crops. It contains a highly beneficial mix of sea kelp, humates and chelated calcium, which is easily administered to plants through spray application and quickly absorbed via their leaves. Sea kelp represents a rich source of many vital elements for plants, and the overall mix of amino acids and minerals enhances the uptake of the feed. Use this stimulant and ultimately you can expect to get greater levels of lush, green and healthy foliage leading to faster growth rates and better developed plants. Works especially well in conjunction with the rest of the VitaLink range. Dilution rate: 100ml per litre as a foliar spray.

- Rich in calcium – an element scientifically proven to help produce stronger and healthier plants

- Ideal for growing in coco

- Gets calcium to where it’s needed (normally suffers from poor mobility)

- Aids in the development of cell walls

- Keeps plants strong and healthy by increasing resistance to pests, disease and drought


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