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Terpinator - 1 litre Code: 6560
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Terpinator - 4 litre Code: 6561
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Intensify the distinctive taste & aroma of fruit & flowers with Terpinator. It’s one of a kind!

Use Terpinator to increases the size and potency of glands that produce terpenes. As a result, plants produce way more terpenes, flavonoids & essential oils.

Expect plants to yield bigger fruit and flowers. Ones that taste nicer and have an intense fragrance that lasts longer even after drying!

You can use it throughout your cycle, but fruit and flowers really start swelling between week 1 and 5. It hardly affects your EC and has an excellent pH of around 6.

Enhances size, flavour & fragrance
Brings out distinctive smell of fruit & flowers (more terpenes)
Prolongs fragrance of dried fruit & flowers
Increases essential oil, terpene &  flavonoid production
• Ramps up concentration of terpenes
Hardly affects EC/CF (nutrient strength)
• Has a great pH of 6 (target range is 5.5 – 6.5)
• Can be used throughout your cycle (best between week 1 & 5)
• NPK: 0 - 0 - 4

Use it alongside your base nutrient throughout your grow – you’ll get best results by using it from week 1 – 5 of flowering.

Dilution rates:

• Vegetative Stage: 1-2.5ml/L
• Flowering Stage: 2.5-7.5ml/L


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