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Sugar Peak Catalyst

Sugar Peak Catalyst

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Sugar Peak Catalyst - 1 Litre

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Fusing together the premium quality of organics with the exceptional performance of a mineral feed, Sugar Peak Catalyst has been designed to significantly enhance overall flavours, textures and yields of your favourite fruits. In order to achieve these highly desirable results, it will work hard to encourage compact branching, stimulate opulent fruiting sites, trigger early yields, introduce natural sugars and condition soils and hydroponic solutions for superior nutrient assimilation. A very good product indeed! Use throughout all stages of plant growth.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (5)

can you use the earth juice range in coco coir?????
We would not recommend using the Sugar Peak range in coco, I would personally always use a coco specific feed.

Written by LB | 8 May 2013

Hi I know the questions been asked about hydro but is this suitable for aero? It sounds good but I'm worried about clogging the sprayers up? Thanks
We would not recommend using this nutrient in an aeroponic system, we would recommend using the Vita Link Max range, as these have additives to prevent pumps blocking.

Written by D | 4 Oct 2011

can this be used with Aquafarm? thank you
You can use the Sugar Peak range in either soil or hydro systems, it will work well in an Aquafarm.

Written by sergio | 19 Jun 2011

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