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Moonshine - 1L

Code: 5457


Moonshine - 5L

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For strong, healthy plants that root faster, grow bigger and yield better, add Moonshine to your feeding regime.

It's not a nutrient - it's a nutrient enhancer -  so won't raise your EC. 

  • Fuels nutrient uptake (maximise your feed!)
  • Great for growth, health, yield size & quality 
  • pH stable, doesn't affect EC

Use it alongside your base feed to improve nutrient uptake, stimulate growth and improve health.

Dilution Rate

Propagation, Veg & Flowering

How to Use

Apply 1 l/L from propagation until the final flush. 

Increases Nutrient Uptake

Maximise your nutrient solution by adding a 1ml/L of Moonshine

Contains growth hormones

That's auxin, gibberellincytokinin, which improve growth, bud formation & essential oil production.  

Strengthens Crops

Plants will become healthier and better able to resist pests and diseases.

Natural blend of plant extracts

No PGR's or carcinogenics

Use alongside base feed

It's not a nutrient - it's a nutrient enhancer.

Suitable in Soil, Coco & Hydro

It won't affect your EC and is pH stable.


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