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Canna Flush

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Canna Flush

Prevent over-feeding and make the final flush easier with Canna Flush.

It removes excess nutrients from your plants and growing media. It doesn’t harm any beneficial micro-organisms at all.

Use it before harvest to get a clean flavour – you’ll be tasting the crop, not just stored nutrients. You can use it to prevent & correct overfeeding at any time in your cycle.

A lot of growers clean their media ready for re-use. Others use it to flush out stored nutrients before switching to flowering – a great idea if you use a different grow and bloom formula!

• Flushes out excess nutrients
Enhances taste – flavour unaffected by stored nutrients
• Helps prevent & corrects overfeeding
Cleans growing media to rebalance nutrient profile
Doesn’t kill beneficial bacteria or fungi
• Suitable for all growing media

Dilution rate:

Soil & media that holds lots of water: 2ml/1L of water
Hydroponics (open systems): 4ml/1L of water

Final Flush

Start your flush 1 – 2 seeks before harvest, use Canna Flush for the first 3 days. Use water for the remainder of your flush.

Flushing Media/Correcting Deficiencies

• In hydro systems, apply Canna Flush as the last feed of the day, until you get 10 – 20% run-off.
• Then flush through with water, until you get 10 – 20% run off.
• You can resume your normal feeding schedule the next day

Cleaning Growing Media

• Add diluted CANNA FLUSH (4ml/1L)
• Soak for 24 hours
• Rinse with same amount of tap water
• Repeat if necessary

Storage, health & safety and other directions

• Shake bottle well before use
• Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place
• Keep out of reach of children

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