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Canna Flush

Canna Flush

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Prevent over-feeding and make the final flush easier with Canna Flush.

It removes excess nutrients from your plants and growing media. It doesn’t harm any beneficial micro-organisms at all.

Use it before harvest to get a clean flavour – you’ll be tasting the crop, not just stored nutrients. You can use it to prevent & correct overfeeding at any time in your cycle.

A lot of growers clean their media ready for re-use. Others use it to flush out stored nutrients before switching to flowering – a great idea if you use a different grow and bloom formula!

• Flushes out excess nutrients
Enhances taste – flavour unaffected by stored nutrients
• Helps prevent & corrects overfeeding
Cleans growing media to rebalance nutrient profile
Doesn’t kill beneficial bacteria or fungi
• Suitable for all growing media

How to Use

Dilution rate:

Soil & media that holds lots of water: 2ml/1L of water
Hydroponics (open systems): 4ml/1L of water

Final Flush

Start your flush 1 – 2 seeks before harvest, use Canna Flush for the first 3 days. Use water for the remainder of your flush.

Flushing Media/Correcting Deficiencies

• In hydro systems, apply Canna Flush as the last feed of the day, until you get 10 – 20% run-off.
• Then flush through with water, until you get 10 – 20% run off.
• You can resume your normal feeding schedule the next day

Cleaning Growing Media

• Add diluted CANNA FLUSH (4ml/1L)
• Soak for 24 hours
• Rinse with same amount of tap water
• Repeat if necessary

Storage, health & safety and other directions

• Shake bottle well before use
• Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place
• Keep out of reach of children

Q & A

Questions and Answers (3)

Hi how do u flush in the last week using coco coir and would you recommend canna flush..thankyou
You would use the Flush at 5ml per litre for the first 3 days of your final week, then plain water for the last 4 days. The Canna Flush will help the plant rid itself of any nutrient build up, & can also be used to help correct overfeeding.

Written by john | 14 Aug 2013

hi i need to give my plants a flush i'm in week 4 flowering using soil can i use canna flush instead of using 3x the amount of water to soil or is it only for the final week? cheers
You can use Canna Flush to correct overfeeding, If you are in soil, use @ 2ml per litre, or if you are in a hydroponic system, use @ 4ml per litre. For the final week, use the flush for the first 3 days, & plain water for the final 4 days.

Written by rob | 19 Apr 2013

how do you use this to flush in the final week?
You would use flush during the first half of your final week @ 5ml per litre, then use plain water for the last 3-4 days.

Written by JH | 31 Jul 2012