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British Organic Bio Organic CalMag

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Calcium and magnesium are essential for plant growth, yet deficiencies can occur in certain crops (e.g. due to soft water or RO). Organic CalMag will work wonders for any gardener that needs an extra boost of these key nutritional elements! It strengthens the structure of plants, aids photosynthesis, helps prevent other common nutrient deficiencies and much, much more! British Organic Bio uses a unique manufacturing process to bring together organically approved ingredients into one fully soluble liquid product – starkly contrasting against a lot of the competing options which rely on synthetic chemicals and chelates.

  • Helps prevent other common nutrient deficiencies
  • Thickens cell walls and strengthens plant structure
  • Balances and improves nutrient uptake
  • Improves plants’ coping mechanism for stress
  • Toughens up defences against pests and pathogens
  • Boosts chlorophyl production for photosynthesis
  • Ups plant vitality and overall health
  • Only supplies plants with 100% organic ingredients
  • Highly concentrated – apply at a rate of 0.5-1ml per Litre
  • Recommended for coco growers as the media lacks calcium

Why Grow Organically? 

The beauty of organics is that the plant works with the soil and the microherd to create a perfect relationship, which encourages the optimum uptake of nutrients. Compared with some other forms of growing and fertilisation, the natural approach allows the plant to express its true genetic potential – so it will take what it wants and grow according to its genetics, rather than being steered to certain traits by selective use of feed and additives. This is particularly appealing for heritage varieties, where you don’t want to alter taste or appearance too much and want to stay true to the properties of the plant.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Calcium and Magnesium?

Adding a CalMag product alongside your base feed will help prevent common nutrient deficiencies, and, if you are already experiencing any kind of issue here, typically does the necessary to correct it.

Calcium is key for structure and growth. By providing plants with a top up of the vital element, you can encourage them to put energy into binding cell walls, which strengthens roots, stems, branches, leaves and so on. As a result, natural defences improve to counter harsh conditions, pests and pathogens, whilst you’ll also benefit from better nutrient uptake because calcium plays a role in many metabolic processes that affect this function.     

Additionally, magnesium increases the production of chlorophyl to aid photosynthesis and boost energy rates.

A CalMag product represents an essential purchase for coco growers, as this particular growing media lacks calcium.

Why Choose British Organic Bi Organic CalMag?

British Organic Bio Organic CalMag provides only 100% natural ingredients in a fully soluble liquid product – which takes a lot of time and effort to achieve from the manufacturing viewpoint, but happens to be totally worth it! Dolomitic limestones (like those found in the Dolomite mountains of Italy) were selected for use because they have the perfect ratio of calcium to magnesium and suit horticultural application. Highly concentrated, you only need to give a bottle a quick shake to gauge the thickness and viscosity – a clear sign of the rich amounts of calcium and magnesium. Consequently, only a small dose is required to achieve the desired effect! Dilution rate: 0.5-1ml per Litre (refer to B.O.B feed chart for full dosage guidance).

Why Does Organic CalMag Have A Pink Hue?

Organic sources of calcium and magnesium always have a pink colour (see the Dolomite Mountains as a great example). Any organic CalMag products that are white in colour invariably contain no magnesium, which can lead to chlorosis. Furthermore, any calcium in the product then goes on to interfere with the uptake and use of magnesium from the base feed. For this reason, British Organic Bio Organic CalMag has ample levels of magnesium in it, thus giving the pink hue.

Nutrient Content:

CaO = 2.33%

MgO = 1.66%

Application Guide

Use British Organic Bio CalMag from early veg to late flowering at a dilution of 0.5 or 1.0ml per liter of water

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