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RAW Humic Acid

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From £12.00


Enhance nutrient uptake and prevent lockout - balance your pH with RAW Humic Acids.

RAW Humic Acids is 59% Humic Acids, derived from Leonardite - the most concentrated, water soluble humic acid around. 

It naturally buffers the pH of soils, keeping nutrient uptake high and preventing lockout. You can add it to RO water as a pH balancer. 

To increase nutrient uptake further, humic acid is a natural chelator. It really helps increase uptake of difficult minerals (e.g. iron, manganese & trace elements). Use this and you’ll get the best out of existing nutrients and additives. 

  • 59% Humic Acids
  • Water soluble, derived from Leonardite 
  • Buffers pH (raises pH of acidic soils, lowers pH of alkaline soils)
  • Prevents nutrient lockout
  • Chelates nutrients - increase uptake

How to Use

  • Dilution: 0.2g - 0.4g (Grow), 0.4g - 0.8g (Bloom) per 4 Litres 

For full RAW range feed chart see "downloads" section. 

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