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Organic Grow Bed Reviver

Organic Grow Bed Reviver

Regular Price: £30.90

Special Price £25.90

Regular Price: £30.90

Special Price £25.90

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Bringing together the Ecothrive dream team of Biosys and Charge, this simple but incredibly effective additives kit is just what you need to revive a nutritionally depleted organic grow bed – ready to once more go again!

You Get

5L Ecothrive Charge 5L Ecothrive Charge

1 x 5L Ecothrive Charge

  • 100% organic enhancer
  • Packed with nutrients & bacteria
  • For growth, rooting, & pest resistance
  • NPK – 3/2/3

50g Ecothrive Biosys 50g Ecothrive Biosys

1 x 50g Ecothrive Biosys

  • Encourages early rooting
  • Wards of pathogens (trichoderma)
  • Enhances stress recovery

The Complete Microbial Solution

Create a healthy, balanced root zone with Ecothrive Biosys – the instant microbe tea! It’s a unique, 100% organic blend of bacteria, fungi and all the clever catalysts that activate them (humic acids, amino acids, seaweed extracts and more). You’ll soon see the benefits of adding the product, with increased nutrient uptake and water absorption plus stronger plant defences bringing significant gains in terms of overall growth and end results! Quick and simple to mix and use, all you do is add 0.5-1g of Biosys per Litre of water and pour it into your soil every 2-4 weeks, starting from propagation. 

The Ultimate Booster For Soil

Ecothrive Charge is an incredible 100% organic enhancer made from the droppings of beetles! Easy to apply and fast acting, this award-winning bio-stimulant contains nutrients and beneficial bacteria that will significantly boost and prolong the fertility of your soil, leading to better plant development, enhanced root zone conditions and more vigorous high-yielding plants! For an outdoor grow bed, add 100g of Charge per 1m x 1m area before planting and then top dress with 25-50g per 1m x 1m area once a month (or when needed).

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