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Emerald Harvest Root Wizard

Emerald Harvest Root Wizard

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Emerald Harvest Root Wizard - 950ml

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Emerald Harvest Root Wizard - 3.79 Litre

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Build a robust root network - use Emerald Harvest Root Wizard. 

It colonizes your rootzone with a myriad of microbes. Ones that are found naturally outdoors that growing media sometimes lacks.  

These microbes ingest, digest & discharge organic matter, ready for roots to absorb. This process also makes space for roots to grow.

When the bacteria die, they leave behind more fresh organic matter. 

Overall, roots absorb more nutrients in less time - this is key to root growth

  • Bulks up your root network
  • Increases nutrient availability (breaks down organic matter)
  • Makes space for roots (recycles media & fires up enzyme activity
  • Encourages development of longer roots & longer root hairs
  • 6 strains of rhizobacteria (e.g. Bacillus subtilis and Bacilis licheniformis)

Two doses is all it takes (start of veg & start of flowering) to get a denser root network with more secondary and tertiary roots. 

Remember, the more diverse the microbial life in your rootzone, the better!


How it Works

The rhizobacteria help break down organic matter, making nutrients available to plants.

These nutrients are deposited at root tips, ready to be absorbed

To do this, the bacteria:

  • Encourage plants to develop longer roots and root hairs
  • Ingest, digest and discharge organic matter, converting it into essential elements
  • Leave fresh organc matter behind when they die

Overall, your root network becomes stronger and denser. Plants can absorb the nutrients they need for growth, maintenance and flowering. 

How to Use

Caution: do not aerate or use in any bubblers

Emerald Harvest Feed Chart
  Cali Pro - Grow A  Cali Pro -Grow B  Cali Pro -Bloom A Cali Pro -Bloom B Emerald Goddess  King Kola Honey Chrome Root Wizard
Cuttings / Seedlings   0.5ml  0.5ml  - - -
Transplanting 0.75ml  0.75ml  -  -  -  -  -
Early Veg 1ml 1ml  - 1.5ml   - 1ml 3.75ml 
Late Veg  1.25ml 1.25ml  - 1.5ml    - 1ml
Transition  1.25ml  1.25ml  1.5ml  1ml  1ml  -
Flowering (Week 2)  -  -  1.25ml  1.25ml  2ml 2ml  2ml 3.75ml 
Flowering (Week 3)  -  -  1.25ml  1.25ml  2ml 2ml  2ml
Flowering (Week 4)  -  -  1.5ml  1.5ml  2.5ml 3ml  2ml
Flowering (Week 5)  -  -  1.5ml  1.5ml  2.5ml 3ml  2ml
Flowering (Week 6)  -  - 1.5ml 1.5ml  2.5ml 2ml 2ml 
Flowering (Week 7)  -  - 1.5ml 1.5ml  2.5ml 2ml 2ml 
(Week 8)
 -  - 1.5ml 1.5ml  1.25ml 1ml 1.5ml  -  
(Week 9)
 -  -  0.25ml  0.25ml  -  - 1.5ml


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