Oxypot XL

Oxypot XL

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Oxypot XL

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For extreme growth & mighty roots, it’s time to try an Oxypot XL. Other growers swear by them, and it’s no wonder.

  • 70L Oxypot XL58.5 x 83 x 38cm (W x L x H)
  • 3 x potential plant sites (grow up to 2 plants)
  • Unlimited access to oxygen & nutrients

How it Works

Plants grow in a mesh pot filled with clay pebbles. Roots grow out of the mesh pot and are submerged in your nutrient solution.

Here, they get unlimited access to oxygen & nutrients to drive rooting, nutrient uptake & growth!  Root growth is unrestricted by media, too.  

You'll get bigger plants that grow faster and have denser root network.  Results are beyond compare! 

Oxypot Oxypot

You can expect explosive root growth & staggering yields

  • Explosive root growth
  • Faster nutrient uptake
  • Mind blowing yields
  • No under or overwatering - plants use what they need

Bigger Plants that Grow Faster

Plants have unlimited access to nutrients and oxygen to speed up nutrient uptake & growth.

Rapid Rooting

All of the oxygen boosts root growth and stops most root diseases. There's no growing media to restrict roots.

3 x Potential Plant Sites

Grow 1 large plant (central site) or 2 medium plants (end sites). You get blanking caps for unused plant sites.

Reversible Lid

So you can lower or raise plant positions

No Leaks

Pots are crack-resistant and have secure connections.

Quick to Assemble

With removable net pots.

Easy to Manage

Just keep the tank topped up with nutrient solution.

Low Media Waste

The only media you use is clay pebbles.

No Risk of Contamination

Problems can't spread as nutrient stays in your tank

Airstone, Air Pump & Air Pipe Included

All you need is media (clay pebbles), transplanting cubes (Grodan rockwool block) & mineral hydro nutrients (SHOGUN).

You Get

You can start growing from day 1.

Top Tip

Keep your system sterile with Silver Bullet Roots. It kills 99.99% of root diseases and stays active in tanks for 5 weeks!

If you already use Oxy-Plus 11.9%, switch to Silver Bullet and you’ll save 55%.

The Tech

Oxpot XL
• Dimensions: 58.5cm x 83cm x 38cm (W x L x H)
• Capacity: 70 Litres

If this isn’t the right size for you, try one of our other Oxypots:


• Dimensions: 34cm x 34cm x 38cm (W x L x H)
• Capacity: 19 Litres

Oxypot 4
• Dimensions: 83cm x 83cm x 38cm (W x L x H)
• Capacity: 110 Litres

Oxypot R-DWC System:
• Dimensions: Up to 24 Oxypots, each one 34cm x 34cm x 38cm (W x L x H)
• Capacity: Up to 24 x 19 Litre Pots

Kit Contains


• 2 x Golf Ball Air Stone
• 4m Air Line
• Double Outlet Budget Air Pump
• Oxypot XL Tank
• Reversible Lid
• 2 x Net Pots
• 2 x Blanking Plates (for covering over vacant plant sites) 

How to Use


1. Connect the air line tubes to the air stones and place the air stones in the recesses in the base of the tank
2. Place the lid on to the tank so that the air lines run through the spaces provided
3. Connect the air lines to the air pump
4. Place the basket(s)in position
5. Cover the access hole with the cap(s) provided


Plants started in rockwool cubes, root riots or jiffys can be transplanted into an Oxy-Pot. Make sure that they are root bound before transplanting.

Feeding your plants

Avoid using any nutrients that are organic -active systems and biological ingredients don’t mix well. We recommend using SHOGUN Samurai’s hydroponic nutrients, which are mineral based.  

You need to completely change your solution roughly every 2 – 3 weeks, topping up in between changes.

Plants under lights tent to absorb more water than nutrients. To keep your nutrient strength from rising, top up the pot with half strength nutrient solution between changes. Take an EC reading and add more nutrients if you need to. Don’t forget to monitor and tweak your pH.


Leave the pump on 24/7 – never let plant roots dry.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

How many litres of air per minute does the air pump that is included provide? also how often would the 70 litre tank need replacing with fresh nutes?
The air pump that is supplied with the IWS Oxypot XL provides 4 litres of air per minute. We would advise replacing the nutrient solution with a fresh batch every week, if you need to top up the solution between changes, it's best to use 1/4 strength nutrient solution.

Written by Dee | 24 Nov 2014

Hi. Can you tell me the dimensions of this system please, and the tank volume too?
The IWS Oxypot XL measures 83 x 58.5 x 38cm, & has a capacity of 70 litres.

Written by dan | 4 Nov 2014