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FlexiTank Collapsible Water Butts

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FlexiTank - 100 Litres Code: 2795
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FlexiTank - 225 Litres Code: 2796
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FlexiTank - 400 Litres Code: 2797
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FlexiTank - 750 Litres Code: 2220
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FlexiTank - 1000 Litres Code: 5398
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Please note: at the moment we are having to source an alternative supplier for the 100L version of this product. We guarantee the quality and promise the 100L alternative will function identically to the FlexiTank. This is only a temporary measure due to low stock / high demand.

FlexiTank Water Butts are an outstanding range of products with high capacity water storage capabilities and a compact, space-saving design. There's no need to haul heavy cumbersome tanks around your greenhouse or grow room, since these durable reservoirs fold down to just a fraction of their constructed size! They also come supplied in a flat pack form, which really does help if you're an indoor gardener using a spare room upstairs or even an empty loft! Available in 5 sizes and ideal as top-up reservoirs for NFT, Flood & Drain and DIY irrigation systems.

FlexiTank - 100 Litres: 43cm diameter x 75cm height (fully assembled), 73.5cm x 18cm x 12.5cm and 1.8kg (in box)

FlexiTank - 225 Litres: 63.5cm diameter x 81cm height (fully assembled), 78.5cm x 18cm x 12.5cm and 2.7kg (in box)

FlexiTank - 400 Litres: 68cm diameter x 111cm height (fully assembled), 112cm x 18.5cm x 12.5cm and 4.8kg (in box)

FlexiTank - 750 Litres: 90cm diameter x 117cm height (fully assembled), 119cm x 18cm x 14cm and 6.25kg (in box)

FlexiTank - 1000 Litres: 120cm diameter x 90cm height (fully assembled), 89cm x 20cm x 16cm and 7.30kg (in box)

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