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Net Pots

Net Pots

from £0.15

8.7cm Heavy Duty Net Pot

Code: 6800


14.4cm Heavy Duty Net Pot

Code: 6801


21cm Heavy Duty Net Pot

Code: 6802


5cm Diameter Net Pot

Code: 905


7.5cm Diameter Net Pot

Code: 559


Oxypot Net Pot

Code: 7086


These Heavy Duty Net Pots are exactly what every bubbler system has been crying out for - larger sizes and stronger construction! Available in three sizes, these net pots are built to last - they will easily stand up to repeated crops in a deep water culture (DWC) system without splitting or cracking.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (7)

how deep are the 7.5 cm pots
The 7.5cm net pots are 6cm deep.

Written by DT | 15 Mar 2013

What are the depths of your 5 cm and 7.5cm pots?
The 7.5cm net pots are 6cm deep, the 5cm net pots are 4.9cm deep.

Written by MB | 15 Jan 2013

Hi can you tell me how deep the 21 cm pot is?
The 21cm net pot is 14cm deep.

Written by Graham | 31 May 2012