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Botanium System

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From £65.00


Don't worry about underwatering, overwatering or repotting - grow at home the easy way wiith a self-watering Botanium System.  They're great for herbs, chillies and fruit. 

  • No soil - no repotting
  • Self-watering - no underfeeding, no overfeeding
  • More produce - exposed roots better access water, oxygen & nutrients
  • Grow indoors - access to fresh fruit & veg all year round

Everything's easy - there's no soil, so no-repotting. And anything you grow  will survive for weeks unattended (pots are self-watering). Overall, care is minimal and you you don't need to worry about mistreating plants!

With no soil in the way, roots access more water and oxygen, for optimum growth. By growing indoors,and have more control over many important factors (e.g. temperature). Overall, plants produce more - that means earlier harvests and more crops each year


136mm x 250mm

Kit Contains

Everything is supplied for a quick and easy installation, including the Botanium System, growing medium, liquid nutrients, USB wall plug and a user guide.

How it Works

The Botanium System is a hydroponic system. There's no soil. Instead, bare roots grow straight into nutrients mixed with water. Roots take the nutrients and water they need, so you don't have to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding. Without soil, you don't need to repot either! 

There are 3 simple steps to setting up this product:

  1. Filll the water tank and add nutrients
  2. Fill the top with the growing medium and plant your seeds
  3. Plug the botanium stystem in and let you plant grow on its own

What can you grow in the Botanium System?

  • Chillies: just a small amount last you a very long time – whereas something like strawberries are typically eaten quicker than they grow!
  • Tomatoes:  fast-growing with lots of varieties that  thrive in hydroponic setups like the Botanium System!
  • Basil: a quick-to-develop crop that needs lot of water - perfect for  the Botanium System
  • Others: we also recommend rocket, thyme, oregano, strawberries, mint and much, much more!

Important Note:

For indoor use only.

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