Maxi-Jet Pumps

Maxi-Jet Pumps

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MC320 Pump - 320 Litres per Hour (for Gro-Tank 205/424)

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MC450 Pump - 450 Litres per Hour (for Gro-Tank 604/901)

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MJ500 Pump - 500 Litres per Hour

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MJ1000 Pump - 1,000 Litres per Hour (for Gro-Tank 1000)

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A solid range of fixed flow pumps that we've always found to be very reliable. Suitable for NFT, Flood & Drain and other system types, whether needed as a replacement for a pump in an established system or for use in a custom system design. All Maxi-Jet Pumps feature 13mm outlets.

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The MC320 and MC450 pumps (320L/hour and 450L/hour) are available on the Gro-Tank Spares and Accessories page (see related items panel - right).
Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

what size water pump would I need for a 32 port aeroponic system (50 litres)
We would recommend using an MJ1000 with an aeroponic system of this size.

Written by Jenny | 19 Sep 2012

Are these pumps submersible and what power supply do they require?
These pumps are submersible & run from the supplied mains plug.

Written by AC | 10 Oct 2011