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4mm Meteor Pipe - 1m Lengths

4mm Meteor Pipe - 1m Lengths

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Meteor 4mm Pipe - 1m Lengths

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4mm Meteor Pipe comes in pre-cut 1m lengths. This is how we get it from the manufacturer.

Target nutrient temperature: 18oC - 21oC

Keep your nutrient solution cool with 4mm Meteor Pipe. Switch to Meteor and your temperature will drop 3oC - 8oC!

To stop heat reaching your nutrient, Meteor is double walled. The outer white layer reflects heat away- the black inner layer blocks UV rays.

It’s simple, but it works like a charm.

By keeping your nutrient temperature cool, you’ll reduce your risk of root problems (like Pythium!) and keep your oxygen level & nutrient uptake high.

During summer, it's the only pipe to use. 

Keeps your nutrient cool
Double walled
• Black inner wall to block UV rays
• White outer wall to reflect heat
• See temperature drops of 3oC – 8oC
Reduce risk of root problems (like Phythium)
• Keep nutrient uptake high
Maximise oxygen level

The Science

The optimum nutrient temperature is 18oC - 21oC.

Any lower than this and you could shock plants and slow growth

Any higher than this, and your oxygen level will start to drop.

As your oxygen level drops, nutrient uptake slows. If your oxygen level drops too low, root diseases such as Pythium can take hold.

Worse yet, algae thrives in warm nutrient solutions – if algae grows, your oxygen level will drop even further.

At the right temperature, your oxygen level remains high. Algae and root diseases are less of a threat, and nutrient absorption stays high.

It’s double walled, to stop heat reaching your nutrient.

It’s just what you need if growing under intense grow lights. During the summer, it’s a must.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

Hi, is the 13mm size of the internal or external measurement of the iceline piping?....i would like to use with HAILEA HC100A water chiller and would like to know both measurements before purchasing the wrong item, thanks.
The 13mm is the internal diameter of the Iceline 13mm Piping, it is compatibel with the Hailea HC100A.

Written by BW | 12 Sep 2014