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13mm Pipe LDPE

13mm Pipe LDPE

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Pipe LDPE 13mm - per metre

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For an irrigation pipe that’s strong and durable, try our 13mm LDPE Pipe (hard).

It’s light yet tough and will block UV rays that could otherwise harm your pipe.

Since it’s so tough, it’s great for creating a super secure connection in any irrigation system.

LDPE pipe does not bend, so if you need to go round a corner you must use barbed elbows.

If you plan to use 'nipples' for your drip irrigation system, LDPE is the pipe for you!

Hard irrigation pipe
• Made from durable LDPE
UV protection
• Internal diameter of 13mm
Light yet tough

Note: Most growers use 13mm pipe and fittings so most pumps have 13mm outlets. If you want a larger pump but still want to stick with the 13mm pipework you can always buy a 19mm-13mm reducer.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (4)

im useing waterfarm drip system i want to know how many times to water in vegative stage and bloom stage
We would recommend keeping the pump constantly on when the light is on.

Written by kevin | 23 Oct 2011

Hi, is the flexi pipe made of PVC? I am looking for 13mm non pvc pipe. Thanks.
Our 13mm flexi pipe is made from PVC, the IWS pipe is made from food grade PVC.

Written by DH | 6 Sep 2011

hi can you tell me if the 13mm flexi pipe is flexible enough to bend 90 degrees or will a bend need to be fitted?
We would recommend using a 13mm elbow for this, you could bend the pipe, but it would severely restrict the flow.

Written by GB | 11 Aug 2011