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Budget Digital Timer

Budget Digital Timer

from £11.95

Budget Digital Timer

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Automate feeding times on a minute by minute basis with a Budget Digital Timer.

You can be ultra-precise! You won’t be restricted by the 15 minute time segments you get on a mechanical timer.

Instead, you can create up to 140 on/off periods, and increase or decrease feeding times by the minute.

They’re incredibly reliable, and give you the flexibility to establish irregular feeding patterns.

Using your timer couldn’t be easier. They have simple buttons and a clear LCD display for programming. Everything else is plug & play. Just in case, you get a complete set of instructions.

For this price, you can’t go wrong.

• For automating feeding times
Ultra-precise! Control times on a minute by minute basis
• Up to 140 on/off periods
Clear LCD display
Plug & play
Reliable & low cost

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

Can the budget digital timer handle a 600 watt light ?
You would need to use the Budget Digital Timer along with a contactor to run a HPS lighting system, you can use the Heavy Duty Lighting Timer to run 1 600W light without a contactor.

Written by JC | 6 Nov 2013