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BSP Tee and 8 Outlet Manifold

BSP Tee and 8 Outlet Manifold

from £1.55

8 Outlet Manifold M.BSP

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F.BSP Tee 13mm

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F.BSP Tee 19mm

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F.BSP Tee 25mm

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Stop punching holes into pipe! Make life easy with a BSP Tee and 8 Outlet Manifold instead.

They don’t cost much. But they make your drip system will be simpler to build, service and expand.

You can fix up to 8 driplines to your manifold. To attach it to your system,  screw your Mmnifold into your tee then connect your piping to either end of the tee.

Simple! No hole punch or nipples needed
Quick & easy to build, service & expand your drip system
• Manifold & Tees are threaded (screw together)
• 3 diameters available for BSP Tee (13mm, 19mm, 25mm)
Connect up to 8 drippers to each manifold

Q & A

Questions and Answers (3)

H, just wondering what M.BSP and F.SBP stand for? Thanks.
M BSP & F BSP refer to the screw fitting for these connectors M BSP is male British Standard Pipe, F BSP is Female British Standard Pipe.

Written by G | 7 Feb 2014

I want to build a dripper system for my 4 individual bubblers so i can feed and water from above. Can you suggest what parts i will need to do this? I notice you only sell an '8 outlet manifold to 13mm tee' And I'm assuming i will only require a 4 outlet manifold?
Your best bet would be to have an additional pump in each system, & make a drip ring using 13mm pipe, a 13mm elbow & tee piece. The drip ring sits around the base of your plant, & will allow you to feed from the top as well. Our Oxy Dripper System uses this method.

Written by AM | 10 Oct 2012

what size pipe fits on the end of the manifold outlet please?
The manifold outlets are for 4mm pipe.

Written by James | 23 Feb 2012