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19mm Barbed Irrigation Fittings

19mm Barbed Irrigation Fittings

from £0.65

Barbed Tee-Piece 19mm

Code: 172


Barbed Elbow 19mm

Code: 173


Barbed End Stop 19mm

Code: 361


Barbed In-line Valve 19mm

Code: 175


Barbed Connector 19mm > 19mm

Code: 360


Barbed In-line Filter 19mm

Code: 178


Quickly and easily secure 19mm pipes together or to any hard surface. Use our 19mm Barbed Irrigation Fittings.

All connections are barbed, for a simple yet secure join. It’s just what you need to build an irrigation system from scratch.

19mm Barbed Tee Piece: Split the flow of water in two

19mm Barbed Elbow: Route pipes around corners or create a 90 degree bend

19mm Barbed End Stop: Cap the end of run of pipes

19mm Barbed In-Line Valve: Isolate part of your system or slow the flow of water

19mm > 19mm Barbed Connector: Connect two lengths of 13mm pipe together

19mm Barbed In-Line Filter: Stop blockages forming in drip lines

19mm Non-Return Valve: Prevent feed from flowing back when your pump goes off

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