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The Oxy-Dripper System (Brummie Bubbler)

The Oxy-Dripper System (Brummie Bubbler)

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Oxy-Dripper System (Brummie Bubbler)

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The unique Oxy-Dripper (commonly known as a Brummie Bubbler) is a self-build growing system that effectively combines bubbling and dripping methods to produce stunning results. It delivers feeds to a single plant via aerated nutrient solution at the root level and also via an automated drip ring – the latter of which allows you to run the system on full with the plant in place immediately after transplanting. For the first time ever then you no longer have to initially hand water young plants growing in a bubbler related set up!

Top Tip

Keep your system sterile with Silver Bullet Roots. It kills 99.99% of root diseases and stays active in tanks for 5 weeks! If you already use Oxy-Plus 11.9%, switch to Silver Bullet and you’ll save 55%. 

The Science

To accommodate and promote super-sized roots, the Oxy-Dripper holds your plant in a 15 Litre Subsurface Tray where it can access aerated nutrient solution from the 90 Litre Utility Tank positioned below (through the roots and the drip ring). Using the drip ring over the entire life cycle will accelerate growth of roots into the bubbling solution – reducing the risk of plant loss through drought, increasing the speed of vegetative growth and boosting root zone vitality. Once roots are established in this oxygen-rich environment, you can expect major improvements to the plant’s nutrient uptake, cell growth/activity and root development. Top Stuff!

The Oxy-Dripper System comes supplied with the equipment required to grow 1 plant in a minimum recommended area of 1m x 1m.

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Questions and Answers (13)

Whats the optimal temp to maintain with light/lights on and off plus also would you recommend any additional feed to run alongside the suggested vitalink for both veg an flower many thanks
The optimal lights on temperature is between 24-28C measured in the shade at the base of your plants, I wouldn't let the lights off temp drop below 18C, you can use a Klimaheat tubular grow room heater to help with this during the winter months. There are several products that will work well alongside VIta Link Max. I would use Vita Link Bio Pac & Hygrozyme, & use Canna Boost Accelerator, & PK13/14 alongside Vita Link Max Bloom during flowering.

Written by JS | 12 Sep 2013

Hi Is it right to be watering constantly while the light is on? Is this during both grow and flower stages? Also how often should the water in the main tank be changed?
We would recommend having the pump for the drip ring running all the time your light is on, & run the air pump 24/7. I would change the nutrient solution once a week.

Written by Mike | 22 Jul 2013

What is the depth of the subsurface tray?
The Subsurface tray is 18cm deep.

Written by TB | 12 Jun 2013