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Oxypot Vegging Systems

Oxypot Vegging Systems

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Oxypot 6 Pot Vegging System

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Oxypot 9 Pot Vegging System

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Squeeze more crops out of a year with an Oxypot Vegging System.

You can establish plants for 2 - 3 weeks in this system while another crop finishes flowering. 

  • Establish up to 6 plants (V6) or 9 plants (V9)
  • 70L tank (V6) or 110L tank (V9)
  • Transplant to Oxypot, Oxypot XL, Oxypot 4 or R-DWC system

Dimensions Oxypot V6: 58.5cm x 83 x 38cm (W x L x H)
Dimensions Oxypot V9: 83 x 83 x 38cm (W x L x H)

How it Works

As with all Oxypots, plant sit in net pots – their roots grow straight into an oxygenated nutrient solution to drive rooting & growth.

Plants have unrestricted access to nutrients, and oxygen to drive uptake, growth and rooting.

In a system like this, where oxygen is high, most root diseases can't survive.

Grow more crops a year

A new crop can veg while your last crop finishes flowering so you can squeeze more crops out of your year.

Simple to transplant

You don't have to repot. Just move the net pot straight into an Oxypot, Oxypot XL, Oxypot 4 or R-DWC system.

Easy to manage

All plants are fed from one tank.

Reversible lid

Raise or lower plants with the reversible lid. Start off low, then as plants grow, make room for roots by flipping the lid. 

Smash Veg Growth

Plants have unlimited access to nutrients, and uptake is unrestricted by media. Expect to get large plants, very quickly. 

Low media waste

All you need is clay pebbles.

Saves floor space

These systems don't take up much space - they'll fit in an XL (1.2m) Tent.

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