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IWS R-DWC Systems (Recirculating Only)

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4 Pot IWS R-DWC with 100L FlexiTank Code: 4619
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8 Pot IWS R-DWC with 225L FlexiTank Code: 4622
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12 Pot IWS R-DWC with 225L FlexiTank Code: 4625
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16 Pot IWS R-DWC with 400L FlexiTank Code: 4628
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20 Pot IWS R-DWC with 400L FlexiTank Code: 4631
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24 Pot IWS R-DWC with 750L FlexiTank Code: 4634
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Like in a DWC System….plants roots are submerged in a nutrient solution that’s rich in oxygen. 

You get faster nutrient uptake, healthier roots and better growth. Systems run 24/7 so no timer's needed and very little media so your system is easy to manage.

An R-DWC is also recirculating...instead of staying in one pot, nutrient solution constantly flows around your entire system, mixing and cooling along the way. All that mixing means you get:


  • Stable pH, temperature & nutrient strength
  • Much higher oxygen content
  • Easy to maintain – manage your nutrient from a single point
  • Uniform growth – plants get even nutrient profile, pH, EC & light exposure

It’s just what plants need for epic root growth, faster nutrient uptake, and bigger yields


Huge Roots & Bigger Yields & Maximum Nutrient Uptake

Roots have unrestricted access to nutrients and water. And there's plenty of oxygen to speed up nutrient uptake & growth!


Easy To Manage

You only need to change your nutrient solution once a week. When you do, simply empty and refill your tank.


Hardly Any Growing Media

Each pot holds just 1L of clay pebbles so you use less media. Since clay pebbles are porous, even the roots in the media get lots of oxygen.


Quiet Running

Your air stones won’t rattle and the pump's hardly ever on. 


Easy Access To Roots

Each misting chamber has an access panel you can use to quickly check root health, water levels and air stone position.


Uniform Growth

Since the nutrient solution is constantly recirculated, plants get the same nutrient profile, pH, EC & CF. 


What's R-DWC?

For explosive rootsextreme yields and uniform growth, you need an IWS R-DWC System. It's incredible. 

Your plants are suspended in an oxygen and nutrient rich solution that’s constantly mixing for maximum oxygen to the roots.  


  • Monster roots 
  • Uniform growth – even nutrient solution & light exposure
  • Extreme nutrient uptake – highly oxygenated root zone + unrestricted access to nutrients
  • Stable pH, temperature & nutrient strength
  • Simple to assemble, with no timer needed
  • Instant access to roots, via inspection panel
  • Features bestselling Oxypot
  • Flexible layout: Expandable up to 24 pots


Note: you will need to purchase an air kit for the chosen system, or create your own using an air pump, air stones, and air line.

Top Tips

Keep your system sterile with Silver Bullet Roots

 It kills 99.99% of root diseases and stays active in tanks for 5 weeks!

If you already use Oxy-Plus 11.9%, switch to Silver Bullet and you’ll save 55%.


Growing Media Calculator

Growing Media Calculator
System - 1L Net Pots Exact Amount Number of Bags
4 Pot 4 Litres 1 x 10L Clay Pebbles
8 Pot 8 Litres 1 x 10L Clay Pebbles
12 Pot 12 Litres 2 x 10L Clay Pebbles
16 Pot 16 Litres 2 x 10L Clay Pebbles
20 Pot 20 Litres 2 x 10L Clay Pebbles
24 Pot 24 Litres 3 x 10L Clay Pebbles

Each system includes:
• Brain Control Unit
• 19 Litre outer pots
• 1 Litre inner pots (net pots)
• FlexiTank
• 25mm pipework and fittings

You will also need to buy:
• An IWS R-DWC Systems Air Kit (or 1 air stone per pot + required length of air line and an air pump)

Changing your Nutrient Solution

Nutriculture recommends changing your nutrient solution once a week. To do this, drain the tank completely and replace with fresh nutrient.

Feeding your plants

Only use mineral based nutrient solutions – anything that’s thick, gloopy or contains organic ingredients can block your pipes. You’re sure to be safe with SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Nutrients.

Your nutrient strength and feed cycle should reflect your environment.

If your grow room’s hot and dry, plant to use more water and less nutrient, so the nutrient strength will rise. You should start off with a lower nutrient strength to account for the rise.

If your grow room’s cool and humid, plants will use more nutrients, so your nutrient strength can be higher, and the number of feed cycles can be reduced.

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