Flood & Drain Fittings

Flood & Drain Fittings

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Flood & Drain Set - Screen

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Flood & Drain Set - Spacer

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13 mm Outlet

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19 mm Outlet

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These adjustable flood & drain fittings are ideal for use in DIY systems or as replacements for existing fittings. For most systems you will attach the 13mm outlet to your pump as an inlet/outlet and use a larger size outlet - usually 19mm - as your overflow outlet. With each outlet you will need spacers to set the flood height and for both inlet/outlets you'll need Screens to prevent debris or clay pebbles blocking the pumps and fittings.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

I need complete F&D fittings to complete a system, what's the order code for the 'kit' or can I only buy each piece separately?
Hi, we only sell the Flood & Drain fittings separately, as there are a few different ways of using them with Flood & drain systems.

Written by AB | 14 Feb 2013

what size are the spacers, how much does each one add to the height when connected?
The total length of the Spacer is 5.2cm, it will add 3.5cm to the height when connected.

Written by DT | 29 Jan 2013