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Professional High Output Air Infusion Pump

Professional High Output Air Infusion Pump

from £14.95

Professional High Output Air Infusion Pump (38 Watts - up to 84 Litres/minute - 12 outlet manifold)

Code: 5501

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Spare 12 Way Manifold

Code: 5508

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This top quality air infusion pump is extremely impressive both in terms of the volume of air it can move and the quietness of operation. Once correctly installed you can barely hear any mechanical noise - only the slight sound of huge amounts of fast moving air. Be aware though - until you properly connect up your airline and airstones, the pump appears to make quite a lot of noise. Supplied complete with a 12 outlet manifold which can be tee'd off from (using Air Line Tee Pieces) to run additional air stones if required. The adjustable levers on the manifold allow you to precisely control the distribution of the airflow for maximum effectiveness.

How to Use

Which Air Pump Do You Need?

Here's how many of each air stone you can power from the Professional High Output Air Infusion Pump

84 Litres/minute:
16 - 56 x Golf Ball 
8 - 33 x 4" Ceramic Disc 
8 - 16 x 6" Ceramic Disc 
8 - 16 x  Coke Can 

You need one piece of air line for each stone you use. If running multiple air stones from one pump, you will need a manifold.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

what are the running costs of the Professional High High Output Air Pump Code 5501. Many Thanks.........Chris Cox
Assuming an electricity unit cost of 10p per unit, this will cost about 0.35 pence to run for an hour.

Written by CC | 6 Jun 2011