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Coke Can Airstone

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Got a big tank? Oxygenate your roots & boost nutrient uptake with a Coke Can Air Stone - they’re incredible!

You’ll get an excellent spread of big and small bubbles, thanks to the unique barrel design.

You can safely use it with all the air pumps we sell. For maximum aeration, use them at air flows of 5 – 10 litres per minute (you can get that with any Professional High Output Air Pump or Budget High Output Air Pump).

Suspend it in your reservoir or bucket and you’ll prevent rattling sounds. What a bargain at just £4.95! It’s no wonder they’re so popular.

Unique barrel design – excellent level of bubbles
Fantastic bubble distribution
• Extremely good value, well-made and super effective
• Suits all of our air pumps
• Best at air output levels of 5 - 10 Litres per minute 
• 50mm (2 inches) in size
• Can be suspend water – no rattling!
• Popular choice at GroWell Coleshill
• Ideal for an IWS Oxypot XL or in a RUSH RDWC system

We recommend

If your nutrient solution gets too hot, your dissolved oxygen content will be lower. For best results, keep your nutrient solution between 18oC - 20oC. A heater, chiller and thermometer will help you control your temperature.

 To find out which air pump you need, see the 'How to Use' tab.



Why roots need oxygen

Roots need oxygen to function. An oxygenated root zone will:
• Enhance nutrient uptake
• Boost water absorption
• Enhance cell growth/activity
• Help prevent Pythium
• Prevent your nutrient solution from stagnating

In short, plant growth will be greater, and your plant’s root network will be stronger.

It’s one of the reasons why plants thrive in bubblers.

If there isn’t enough oxygen

If there’s not enough oxygen in your nutrient solution, plant growth will suffer.

They will no longer be able to perform basic functions as well, absorb enough water or uptake nutrients as well. Don’t be surprised to see:

• Mineral deficiencies
• Poor growth
• A decrease in water and nutrient absorption
• Underdeveloped roots

In extreme cases, toxins will build up in the root zone, and Pythium can take hold.

Does temperature matter?

The hotter your nutrient solution, the lower the dissolved oxygen content.

The best temperature for your nutrient solution is 18oC - 20oC.

To control your feed’s temperature, we recommend using:

• A thermometer
• A heater
• A chiller

We recommend using the Coke Can Air Stone with larger bubblers, such as the OxyPot XL

Recommended Air Flow

Make sure that you have an air flow rate of  5 - 10 Litres per minute (you can get that with any Professional High Output Air Pump or Budget High Output Air Pump).

Which Air Pump Do You Need?

You need one piece of air line for each stone. If running multiple air stones from one pump, you will need a manifold.

To work out which pump you need, here's how many ceramic disc air stones you can power from each pump:

Budget Air Infusion Pump
4 x 2.5 Litres/minute: 1 - 2 Coke Can Air Stones

Budget High Output Air Infusion Pump
30 Litres/minute: 3 - 8 Coke Can Air Stones
60 Litres/minute: 6 - 12 Coke Can Air Stones

Professional High Output Air Infusion Pump
84 Litres/Minute: 8 - 16 Coke Can Air Stones


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