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Ceramic Disc Airstones

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VolumeAir Ceramic Disc Air Stone 100mm (4") Code: 1155
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VolumeAir Ceramic Disc Air Stone 150mm (6") Code: 1156
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Fuel plant growth with a Ceramic Disc Air Stone. It's the best air stone we sell. 

It'll dramatically increase your dissolved oxygen content - it's ideal for large tanks

You get more bubbles and finer bubbles. You even get a wider spread of bubbles…you can thank the uniform disc shape for that.

It's just what you need to  boost growth & enhance nutrient uptake.

Expect your air stone to have a long life – they’re made from a durable ceramic compound.

These air stones are the very best ones to use with air flows of 2.5 – 10 Litres per minute. Other air stones just aren’t as good! The Ceramic Disc is definitely the one to beat.

• Ceramic air stone – for quality, very fine bubbles
Long lasting – made from durable ceramic compound!
• Perfect for air flows of 2.5 - 10 Litres per minute
• Creates a good mix of large and small bubbles
• Far better bubble dispersion than the Golf Ball Air Stone
• Dramatically increases dissolved oxygen levels in nutrient solutions
• Great for deep water culture / bubbler systems
• Only choice for an IWS Oxypot XL or in a RUSH RDWC system

Not sure which air stone you need? Check out the video above to learn more!

Choose a Size

• 4" Ceramic Disc Air Stone: At lease 2.5 - 10 Litres per minute air flow needed
• 6" Ceramic Disc Air Stone: At least 5 - 10 Litres per minute air flow needed

To find out which air pump you need, see the 'How to Use' tab.

We recommend

The temperature of your nutrient solution affects the dissolved oxygen content. For best results, keep your nutrient solution to 180C - 21oC. You may need a heater, chiller and thermometer to do this.

Why oxygenate your root zone?

Plants with lots of oxygen in their root zone see explosive levels of growth. This is because high oxygen levels:
• Boost nutrient uptake
• Help prevent Pythium
• Improves water absorption
• Increase cell growth/activity
• Stop water from stagnating

It’s one of the reasons why plants grown in bubblers thrive.

Without enough oxygen

Without enough dissolved oxygen in your nutrient solution, plants will underperform. They won’t be able to absorb water or nutrients as well, or even carry out key functions as efficiently.

You’ll likely experience:

• Mineral deficiencies
• Poor growth
• A decrease in water and nutrient absorption
• Underdeveloped roots

In extreme cases, toxins will build up in the root zone, and Pythium can take hold.

What’s the best temperature?

The hotter your nutrient solution, the lower the dissolved oxygen content.

The best temperature for your nutrient solution is 18oC - 20oC.

To control your nutrient solution temperature, we recommend using:

•  a heater
•  a chiller 
•  a thermometer 

We recommend using the Ceramic Disc Air Stone with an IWS Oxy-Pot XL or RUSH RDWC System

Recommended Air Flow

Make sure that you have an air flow of at least:

4" Ceramic Disc Air Stone: 2.5 - 10 Litres per minute to each stone
6" Ceramic Disc Air Stone:  5 - 10 Litres per minute to each stone

Which Air Pump Do You Need?

You need one piece of air line for each stone. If running multiple air stones from one pump, you will need a manifold.

To work out which pump you need, here's how many ceramic disc air stones you can power from each pump:

Budget Air Infusion Pump
2 x 2.0 Litres/minute: 1 x 4" Ceramic Disc
4 x 2.5 Litres/minute: 1 - 4 x 4" Ceramic Disc or 1 - 2 x 6" Ceramic Disc 

Budget High Output Air Infusion Pump
30 Litres/minute: 3 - 8 x 4" Ceramic Disc or 3 - 6 x 6" Ceramic Disc 
60 Litres/minute: 6 - 24 x 4" Ceramic Disc or 6 - 12 x 6" Ceramic Disc 

Professional High Output Air Infusion Pump
84 Litres/Minute: 8 - 33 x 4" Ceramic Disc or 8 - 16 x 6" Ceramic Disc 


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