Budget High Output Air Infusion Pumps

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Budget High Output Air Infusion Pump (up to 30 Litres/minute - 6 outlet plastic manifold) Code: 1816
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Budget High Output Air Infusion Pump (up to 60 Litres/minute - 10 outlet plastic manifold) Code: 1016
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Budget High Output Air Infusion Pumps

Large-scale air infusion can be an expensive game as the High Output Pumps required to run large numbers of air stones are expensive pieces of hardware. These Budget High Output Infusion Pumps are marginally less powerful than the Professional Air Pumps, but prove significantly cheaper and make running multiple air stones a lot less painful on the wallet! Supplied complete with a 10 Way Plastic Manifold. 1 year warranty.

Which Air Pump Do You Need?

To work out which pump you need, here's how many of each air stone you can power from each pump:

30 Litres/minute:
6 - 20 Golf Ball
3 - 8 x 4" Ceramic Disc
3 - 6 x 6" Ceramic Disc 
3 - 6 x  Coke Can&nbsp

60 Litres/minute:
12 - 40 Golf Ball   
6 - 24 x 4" Ceramic Disc 
6 - 12 x 6" Ceramic Disc 
6 - 12x  Coke Can 

You need one piece of air line for each stone you use. If running multiple air stones from one pump, you will need a manifold.

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