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Grodan Rockwool Grow Slab / AquaTray

Grodan Rockwool Grow Slab / AquaTray

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Grodan Rockwool Grow Slab - 1.0 metre

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Grodan Rockwool Grow Slab - 1.2 metre

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AquaTray with Drain Ports - 1.0 metre

Code: 923


Many growers, especially in Holland, plant their Grodan Transplanting Cubes on into Grodan Rockwool Slabs. They then grow their plants to maturity in these slabs, usually using an AquaTray (a special Rockwool Slab container) for support. There are two sizes of slab, both 15cm (6') wide. We recommend trying the 1.0 Metre Slabs with the 1.0 Metre AquaTray.

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For information on setting up a drip system featuring Grodan Rockwool Slabs see our Irrigation section.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (3)

Hiya, what diameter of tubing fit's the outlet's, and what diameter are the outlet's and do they have any sort of mesh / screen
These Aqua Ports fit 13mm tubing. The outlet is 10mm. There is not a screen for the Aquaports themselves, but we do supply 13mm in-line filters that you can fit to the 13mm piping.

Written by Craig | 8 Feb 2014

My seedlings are currently growing in 3" Grodan transplant cubes. Can I just sit them on top of the 1m slab (3 plants per slab) and let the roots grow down in to the slab, or do i need to put seedlings in a bigger cube before putting them on top of the slab?
You can just sit these cubes on the rockwool slab, you will need to use a drip stake to secure the cube in place.

Written by yan | 4 Feb 2013

Hiya, what's the recommended method to water the slabs? Assume you put a dripper next to each plant? How many plants, eg. tomatoes, would you normally put on each slab? Cheers.
We would recommend using drippers to irrigate the rockwool slabs. You could fit 3-4 plants in each slab.

Written by NB | 2 Dec 2011