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VitaLink Clay Pebbles

VitaLink Clay Pebbles

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VitaLink Clay Pebbles - 10 Litres

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For an airy growing media that improves drainage & rooting – use VitaLink Clay Pebbles. 

  • 8 - 20mm clay pebbles
  • EC & pH stable
  • Triple filtered to remove dust & smaller pebbles

Pebbles are light and porous, so hold on to lots of air and water. All that air is great for roots!

How To Use

Use them on their own or as part of a media mix. Some people even use them to cover and protect the media in pots.

If using AutoPots, add a 1 – 1.5” layer of pebbles to the bottom of each pot to improve drainage!

pH & EC stable

Clay pebbles are totally inert

Free draining

In flood and drain, they're ideal. 

Unique, irregular shape

This way, pebbles have a larger surface area and can hold more nutrient

Can be reused

Just make sure you use Cannazym and wash pebbles with Silver Bullet Roots

Excellent Rooting

There's lots of air for roots to grow into, and clay pebbles have tumbled edges protect roots. 

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