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Seramis - 30 Litres Code: 2884
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  • Clay-based growing media
  • Small, lightweight granules
  • Excellent drainage to prevent overwatering
  • Porous to oxygenate roots
  • pH neutral with no nutritional value
  • Keeps coco & soil moist (as a top-dressing)
  • Perfect for hydro systems
  • Popular in drip systems (like Wilma)
  • Can be washed and reused

For excellent drainage and an oxygen-rich root zone, use Seramis.

It’s a light, airy, clay-based growing media that’s very porous. This means it holds hardly any water but lots of air (hello, oxygen!). Good luck overwatering – it just won’t happen. Drainage is amazing!

Seramis won’t affect your nutrient solution – granules are pH neutral and have no nutritional value

Seramis is popular in hydro & drip systems (like Wilma)…a lot of growers also use Seramis as a top dressing to keep coco & soil moist (blocks out light).

Seramis is reusable once cleaned – now that’s bang for your buck!


For a very basic overview of the systems Seramis will work well in as a growing media, see the table below:

NFT Systems Flood & Drain Bubbler Systems Pots


Not recommended



- Good on its own

- Better over tops of pebbles


- Good on its own

- Better over tops of pebbles


- Best to use to mix with other media


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