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Tropic 70/30 CocoMix

Tropic 70/30 CocoMix

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Tropic 70/30 CocoMix - 50 Litres

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10 x Tropic 70/30 CocoMix - 50 Litres (mini pallet)

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For an airy, fertile coco mix, grab a bag of 70/30 Tropic CocoMix.

  • 70% Coco with 30% Perlite
  • Highly fertile - 1% added Ecothrive Charge
  • Suits AutoPots, RhizoWilmas & RhizoSystems

Roots get plenty of oxygen, thanks to the airy structure.

It’s tough to overwater - this mix drains well. For beginners, this media's spot on.

What's Perlite?

It’s a natural volcanic glass that expands rapidly when heated, a bit like popcorn.

It has a rough, white surface with lots of small air pockets and a huge surface area. Perlite is also very firm so won’t compact.

Mixed with coco, it creates an airy media mix that’s compaction resistant.

1L of Perlite typically holds 250ml of water. So it doesn’t reduce the amount of water your coco can hold too much. 

Contains Ecothrive Charge

It’s added at a 1% rate to boosts biological activity & fertility of the media without adding too much nutrition.

Rapid Rooting (airy)

The airy structure gives roots access to oxygen – expect rapid rooting.

Drains Well

This mix holds less water than pure coco – it’s tough to overwater, even in a growing system.


No more mixing or measuring your medias – this comes ready to use.

Compaction Resistance

The perlite’s firm structure stops the coco compacting over time, so nutrient uptake and root growth stay high.

Quality Components

It’s been washed & buffered.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

What Nuitrients would you use to feed with this 70/30 mix? Coco nuitrients?
We would advise using the Shogun Samurai Coco Nutrients for best results in the Tropic 70/30 Coco Mix.

Written by JS | 25 Oct 2017