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Orchid Myst

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From £4.99


Support heavy & prolonged flowering - provide orchids with the humidity & nutrients needed for long-lasting flowers with Orchid Myst. 

It’s an all-in-one growth enhancer, leaf conditioner, pest-repellant & plant tonic. This brilliant blend contains organic nutrients, mineral nutrients & plant oils

As a foliar feed, it’s designed to mimic how most tropical orchids get nutrients in nature (little and often, via rain runoff). They need regular feeding, at a high humidity on leaves. Spraying them creates a higher humidity in centrally heated homes. 

Each spray supports growth, root vitality & nutrient uptake, thanks to the added humic & fulvic acids

It’s easy to use as a foliar spray. No mixing or measuring is needed. Nutrients still reach every part of the plant - and are absorbed by plants instantly via leaves. Simply mist leaves and spray down through bark, ideally 2 - 3 times per week.  


  • Support & prolong flowering
  • All-in-one growth enhancer, leaf conditioner, pest-repellant & plant tonic
  • Organic & mineral nutrients
  • Mimics nature (nutrients via rain runoff)
  • Contains humic acid & fulvic acid 
  • Instant results - nutrients absorbed via leaves
  • Easy to use, foliar spray. No mixing or measuring 

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