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PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Herb Garden System

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PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Herb Garden System


Grow fresh herbs, lettuces & small flowering plants - use a Plant!T Herb Garden. 

It’s an all-in-one system that is self-watering. Systems are easy to manage - they take care of themselves. 

  • Dimmable LED light built-in (full spectrum)
  • Self-watering via a wick system - no overfeeding or underfeeding
  • Compact - 325 x 150 x 330 mm (L  x W x H) - ideal for kitchen worktops
  • Removable pot - easy potting, harvesting & cleaning
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Systems are tidy and compact. You can keep yours on a counter, worktop or windowsill, so you have fresh herbs to hand when cooking.


Your system’s self-watering via a wick system. There’s no overfeeding, underfeeding or complex feeding schedules. Instead, plants use what they need. The reservoir has a handy water level indicator so you know when to add more nutrients.

Built-In Supplemental LED (dims & boosts)

To give plants a full spectrum, the LED switches between white & purple phases. You can also boost the output, or dim the LED down.

Removable pot

You can remove the pot from the lighting stand, making it easy to pot up, harvest & clean before growing a new plant.

What’s a wick system?

Plants sit in a tray of growing media, just above a tank of water. Wicks are used to draw your nutrient solution out of the tank, and into the tray of growing media. Here, plants are able to absorb the nutrients and water. 

Wicks work via capillary action - which is the same way sponges work. They draw up water from a wet surface, and deposit to a drier one. 

Wick systems are very easy to manage. You won’t overfeed or underfeed - instead, plants use what they need, when they need it. 

On top of this, wick systems are passive. You don’t need any pumps, timers or moving parts - nutrients and water are delivered to plants via capillary action. 

The Tech

  • Product Dimensions: 325 x 150 x 330 mm (lwh)
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty
  • Input Voltage 24 V DC  
  • Power 7.5 W 
  • IP rating IP20

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