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Palm Focus

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From £8.99


Adding structure to any garden, the wide range of palm varieties available are a very popular choice both indoors and outdoors. However, unlike most plants, palms have a very specific set of nutiritional requirements to really thrive. For  healthy, vigorous growth & long term viability in palms, grab Palm Focus. 

Overall, it contains all 14 essential elements for healthy vigorous growth. Palm Focus is also enriched with seaweed & humic acid to enhance nutrition & long term soil fertility. It has elevated levels of magnesium, manganese and other trace elements compared to most generic plant feeds and delivers a specific NPK ratio to optimse palm health, vigour and growth.

It’s suitable for all palms - grown outdoors in the ground or indoors in pots. 

It’s easy to use - a 1 part feed to use year round. Simply dilute at 5ml per L and apply twice a week. 


  • For healthy, vigorous growth & long term viability
  • Contains all 14 essential elements for healthy vigorous growth
  • Enriched with seaweed & humic acid to enhance nutrition & long term soil fertility
  • Suitable for all palms
  • Great for beginners - simple 1 part feed
  • NPK: 2.1-0.9-3.6
  • Dilution: 5ml/L

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